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How was the Home of Grace founded?

Henry and Neri Tran, former refugees who fled to the United States in 1981, founded the orphanage in October 2009. Their dream to build a home for those children left behind the Pol Pot regime, and today has resulted in an orphanage that currently provides food, nutrition, medical and dental care, transportation, clothes, school fees to children in need. Beyond taking care of the children, Home of Grace alto engages in wider community development projects.

How does the orphanage find the children?

Most of the children come from rural villages near Phnom penh. Each child has a lot at least one parent and had lived in extreme poverty in his or her local village.

How many children are in the orphanage?

In its first year, Home of Grace Orphanage has adopted 60 children. The orphanage will eventually house 200 children.

Where does my donation go?

Sponsorship fees are sent to Home of Grace Ministries in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to ensure financial accountability. One hundred percent of the funds are then sent to Home of Grace Orphanage in Bati, Cambodia.

Who takes care of the children?

Home of Grace Orphanage has local staff that handles the operations, child care, and maintenance of the orphanage. The orphanage staff has a combined 30 years of experience working at various orphanages throughout Cambodia. The children to staff ratio are 12:1.

What does my $100 monthly sponsorship provide?

Home of Grace Orphanage believes in ensuring that each child is fully taken care of. The monthly sponsorship goes toward food, nutrition, medical and dental care, transportation, clothes, school fees and supplies, and other care-taking fees.

How often will I receive an update?

Sponsors will receive quarterly updates from the orphanage. Sponsors may contact the orphanage for more frequent updates and are welcomed and encouraged to visit the orphanage.

How do I donate to Home of Grace Orphanage?

You can mail your donations to:

Home of Grace Ministries

P.O. Box 141158

Broken Arrow, OK 74014


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